Academic Preparation Program



The Academic Preparation Program is a course we have designed for students who want to do the 2+2 in California, 1+3 in New York State or 1+3 in Boston but need additional language tuition before they can start their 4-year degree pathway.

The duration of the course depends on the level of English but varies between 1 and 3 terms.

The program

This course is highly intensive. The syllabus has been carefully developed by our English language and academic staff. The course is carefully designed to integrate with the academic program for which it will prepare you. There is a progressive series of English language teaching modules. Each builds on the one before it.

  • Close, individual attention in small groups
  • Regular tutorials so that tutors and the Director of Studies can provide individual guidance
  • Frequent progress tests
  • Regular reports (copies sent to parents or sponsors)

Skills developed

The fully integrated tuition system develops your learning and study skills as well as your language skills. The course will enable you to:

  • Become familiar with the conventions and expectations of the US education system
  • Become familiar with the style of language used in academic texts
  • Increase your reading and writing speed
  • Enlarge your vocabulary, especially in relation to academic subjects
  • Learn to identify key facts and information from a wide range of texts
  • Learn to organize and set out factual information clearly and coherently, orally and in writing
  • Learn to identify and analyze the main argument in a text or presentation
  • Learn to express ideas and opinions logically and confidently using appropriate language
  • Learn to challenge the ideas of others and present contrasting views
  • Write papers and other common research-based written assignments, develop small group projects and fine tune your presentation skills

Quick Facts

Location: at the university where you choose for your On Campus Plus programĀ 

Fees: $6,430

Next start dates:
In 2014: June 23rd and September 15th
In 2015: 5th January, 30th March, 22nd June and 14th September 2015

Course length: 1, 2 or 3 terms

Maximum class size: 12

Entry requirements:

TOEFL iBT 20: 3 terms
TOEFL iBT 31: 2 terms
TOEFL iBT 50: 1 term

Minimum age: 16

University progression options